Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does it have to be New Years, or your birthday, or some planned event in order for somebody to pick a time to start afresh? I learned that King Asa did it immediately after being convicted of his own wrong doing. Was he all together in sin, well not exactly. Was he doing things the way they ought to be done, no he wasn't. Oded the messenger of God put things into perspective for Asa and Judah, and Asa immediately made a change not only in his personal life, but in Judah as well. After removing the idols out of the land, he renewed the altar of the LORD. Our God gives us an open invitation to start afresh always. That doesn't mean every former consequence is erased, but your fellowship is reestablished. Maybe we ought to examine what we're offering up on our altar, to see if it is pleasing to the Lord. Even more so, maybe we better examine the altar from which we are offering, which is our heart, to make sure it is pure. Every time the Lord speaks its an opportunity to respond. Every time we respond its a chance to please Him. I've learned in my own life God doesn't just keep on speaking when we don't hear or ignore. He stays right there until we respond.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alright maybe this blog should take a direction. I will dedicate this blog to help people to quit reading blogs. Our time is a very precious thing and we must make sure we are spending it wisely. I was reading in II Chronicles this morning about how all the shields of gold were taken from the house of God. Why?because they let down their guard and let the enemy march in and take precious items from them. So what did they do? They replaced them with shields of brass. What a far cry from what they once had, and should've still had. Can we every fully regain precious things in our lives that we've let go through carelessness? I believe its possible, but few are every willing to pay that price, while many settle for second, or even third best.
By the way, I'll figure out the whole profile and picture thing soon enough.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I figured if everybody else thinks they got something to say that everybody else is wanting to read, then so do I. I'm about to typo you to death with the most nonsense thoughts you ever heard. I've already been interrupted 3 times just trying to write 3 sentences. The funny thing is its all for nothing . This is a bigger waste of my time then anyone else reading it. Forget it, I quit. Where's the pictures.